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People often assume BOTOX injections are only used to diminish facial wrinkles, however, BOTOX has made major strides in vision improvement as well. Dr. Jay Rigney Eye Care and Eyewear offers BOTOX injections both to improve eyesight and to reduce those frustrating lines on the upper face and around the eyes. Residents of Owasso, OK and the surrounding area visit Dr. Rigney for safe and effective BOTOX injections for both cosmetic and therapeutic use. BOTOX, also known as botulinum toxin (BTX), is a neurotoxic protein that treats overactive muscles. In the cosmetic industry, it is used to diminish lines and wrinkles along the forehead, between the brows, and to treat Crow's feet. For vision health, Dr. Rigney uses BOTOX to treat a number of conditions, including muscle spasms, eye twitching, crossed eyes, excessive blinking, blurred vision (diplopia), and in some patients, migraines.

How BOTOX Works

BOTOX effectively blocks signals from the underlying nerves to the muscles that make facial expressions and eye movement so that the injected muscles cannot contract. This effect causes wrinkles on the surface to become relaxed and appear softer, but it also helps control spasms and other uncontrolled movements. For this reason, BOTOX is a favorite procedure in the nonsurgical anti-aging industry, as well as for medical professionals. One specific eye problem treated by BOTOX is strabismus. This is a condition that causes the eyes to look inward, or cross-eyed, or even to look outward. This condition can sometimes lead to vision loss, double vision, or trouble with depth perception. BOTOX helps to control eye movement by targeting two distinct muscles, which allows the gaze to stay straight, and work in unison instead of against each other. The same effect from BOTOX helps with uncontrollable eye twitching and excessive blinking.

What to Expect

BOTOX injections are administered with care during a procedure that normally takes just a few minutes. No anesthesia is required because a very fine needle is used. Because it is injected into specific muscles, patients  experience minimal discomfort. It normally takes about 7 - 10 days for the injections to take their full effect. From a cosmetic standpoint, lines and wrinkles will appear smooth and soft. From a medical standpoint where vision is concerned, when the muscles under the surface become stable, many of the symptoms being to ease. Over time, roughly around 3 - 4 months, BOTOX does begin to wear off. Many of Dr. Rigney's patients return for new injections throughout the year to keep their results fresh, and to prevent frustrating symptoms from returning.

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