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Laser Vision Consultation in Tulsa, OK

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Laser Vision Consultation

Laser vision correction surgery, such as Lasik, and other similar treatments have made huge leaps and advancements in recent years. Laser vision surgery is no longer feared as a procedure that may cause pain or experimental, but one that can restore vision and change a person's life in a matter of minutes. Lasik, a laser procedure, is a popular refractive surgery choice to correct vision. It can eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses and allow a person to have crystal clear vision for years. Owasso, OK Ophthalmologist, Dr. Jay Rigney, has extensive experience in assessing the eye to determine if laser vision correction is an option for treatment. He is able to effectively consult with his patients about the treatment and work with them to ensure they are in the hands of a skilled surgeon whose practice revolves around laser treatment.

Objectives for Laser

Many of Dr. Rigney's patients who are tired of dealing with glasses or contact lenses often inquire about laser vision correction surgery. Most people who want to live without glasses or contact lenses, or who simply desire better, clearer vision are suitable candidates for laser treatment. Patients must be over 18 with vision that has been stable for at least a year. Dr. Rigney will ensure that there is no concern for another eye condition or disease and that the eyes are free from other health issues before recommending laser treatment. While Lasik is one of the more popular laser surgeries, there are others on the market today, such as SMILE and Lasek. Each one similar, but offering a slightly different approach based on the patient's needs.

Every patient is assessed and given a unique, customized treatment plan. Several factors can determine if a patient is a good candidate for this treatment:

  • The patient’s age
  • The patient’s lifestyle
  • The health of the eyes
  • The stability of the eyes
  • Previous eye surgeries
  • Cornea health
  • Corneal thickness

Dr. Rigney will use a corneal device to determine the thickness of the cornea and the precise contours of the cornea’s surface. Additionally, candidates will receive a complete evaluation of tear function. These are important considerations that can affect the success of the procedures. Dr. Rigney is commitment to educating patients about laser vision correction procedures, so they will be well-informed and comfortable with the option they choose. After an initial eye exam, Dr. Rigney will discuss his findings and describe the success the patient can expect.

Is Laser Right For You?

Laser vision correction works by reshaping your cornea—the clear, outer-portion of the eye—so it can more accurately focus the light rays that enter the eye. The end result is something you have to see to believe! To determine whether laser vision correction can help solve your vision problems, call Dr. Rigney Eye Care & Eyewear for your eye exam and consultation.

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